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Conditions for use

The consultation of this site resorts under our conditions for use and under all applicable laws. By visiting and consulting this site you hereby accept the conditions for use, as stated below, without limitation or exclusion.

Copyright notice

The content of this site is copyright protected and these copyrights refer to SFPIM-International or its suppliers and partners. All rights reserved. No information on this site (among which, but not exclusively, text, presentations, illustrations, pictures and sound) may be copied, transferred, distributed or saved without prior written permission of SFPIM-International unless stated otherwise. Modifications of the content of the site are strictly forbidden. Parts of the site contain illustrations that are explicitly part
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No guarantee or responsibility

For the information shown on this site, no rights or claims can be attributed what so ever. SFPIM-International is not responsible for the information on sites you visit through this site. Links are offered as a service, which does not mean that SFPIM-International is responsible for the content of these sites. Besides, it is your own responsibility to check whether or not these sites contain viruses and other things with a damaging character. We can modify any information on this site without prior announcement or agreement.

Remarks, questions and suggestions

SFPIM-International does not wish to receive any strictly confidential or reserved information through this site. All information received by you (suggestions, ideas and other) will be considered as non-confidential and public, except for the above privacy policy concerning your personal information. By sending materials to SFPIM-International you give them the unlimited, irrevocable right to use, show, modify, process and distribute this information and to legally register this information SFPIM-International also has the right to freely apply ideas and techniques you send us. SFPIM-International has designed this site with the utmost care. SFPIM-International is available for suggestions or comments. Possible complaints regarding certain texts or illustrations can also be announced.

In General

SFPIM-International is free to modify these conditions for use by publishing them again on this site. The conditions for use are made up and resort under the legal country of settlement of SFPIM-International, Belgium and all disputes will resort under the Belgian jurisdiction. In case of invalidity or infeasibility of a certain part of these conditions for use according to a court with adequate jurisdiction, the involved part of the conditions for use will be considered to be expired, while the remaining stipulations of these conditions for use will be legally considered to remain in effect.